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​Repair Service

K+1% repair service

About repair service

At K+1%, under the guidance of specialized staff

We carry out modifications according to customer requests.

Please contact us using the contact form below.

The amount will vary depending on the content of the repair.

We will listen to your repair details and provide you with a final estimate.

<Repair example>

A. Bra underwear stuffing: ¥1,100~

The cup fits, but the underside is a little loose, so I'm going to make the size smaller. (Alterations to increase the size of the underside are not allowed)

B. Shorts strap filling: ¥880~

Size reduction of full back panties and tanga side straps

(Sanitary shorts are not possible)

C.Fraying: ¥770~

This is a repair when the seams become loose or the threads come undone.

D. Strap replacement 

The price varies depending on the color, so please inquire about the color and thickness using the form below.

<Repair process>

1. Contact us from the customer (receive photos etc. and confirm the details of the repair)

2. Estimate

3. Transfer money to our company

4. Shipping to our company (Customer will be responsible for shipping charges.)

5. Repairs - average 2 weeks (period varies depending on each repair)

6. We will contact you after the repair and ship it (shipping costs will be borne by the customer (as stated in the quotation))


◎Repairs may incur material costs. In that case, we will notify the customer first and consult with you.

​◎Depending on the condition of the item, some items cannot be repaired. In that case, please acknowledge.

​Transmission completed. Please wait for a reply for a while.

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