It’s that time of the month again. One depressing week…

You unwillingly put on your period pants out of necessity,

and it just doesn’t feel the same as putting on your favorite lingerie.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Imagine feeling the same excitement as choosing your new bikini,

or the satisfaction when you chose your favorite lingerie when you put on your period pants.


It just might transform that depressing week in to something you can enjoy.

I can finally wear these because I got my period!

The unordinary transforms in to the norm.

Bringing unwavering joy to those women who keep facing forward.

For fashionable and functional sanitary lingerie, K +1%.

"Plus 1%​ to your Kirei (Beautiful) and Kawaii (Cute)"


Now You can be more You


Brand Concept

K +1%

アメの日も ハレの日も

Rain or Shine

あなたのKirei とKawaiiに +1%する存在でありたい。

We want to be the +1% to your Kirei (beautiful) and Kawaii (cute)


それがK +1%

That is  "K+1%"

あなたもわたしも きっとあのひとも

You and me, and more people than you know



experience such a painful and blue moment in these times


But always remember

あなたもわたしも きっとあのひとも

For you and me,

and more people than you know

 +1% のBright はそこにあることを

there is always +1% of light ahead

To live the day as any other day

For everyday to be a joyous day


to live simply and naturally

to have the grace to like what you like


Every woman has that strength 

and it will soon light up 

and turn in to a gentle smile

To live the day as any other day


For everyday to be a joyous day

For me to be me

あなた が あなた でありますように
and for you to be you

May there be a strong light shining upon every woman


plus 1% to your Kirei (Beautiful) and Kawaii (Cute)

What is your "K" for you?

さぁ。あなたにとってのKに +1%
now, let's plus 1% for your "K"

すべての女性の暖かさに +1%
plus 1% to you All the women's warmth

あなたもわたしも きっとあのひとも
to YOU & ME   

and for more people than you know


K +1%  D i r e c t o r
K j o k o   S u d o h


K+1% D i r e c t o r

K j o k o   S u d o h  / スド=キョ=コ


Born in 1981, Kjoko spent her childhood years growing up in various cities throughout Japan until the age of 15, then moved to the US from ages 16 to 18.

Kjoko Sudoh works as a fashion stylist, costume designer, prop stylist, interior coordinator, and her work has been seen in multiple outlets including but not limited to advertisement, commercials and magazines. 

Before her current career, Kjoko worked as a professional singer, interior coordinator, graphic designer and brand supervisor. Her diverse and creative experience inspired her to start her own brand K+1% since 2018.