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Brand Concept


Menstruation occurs to women once a month. A depressing week. I always pick up my favorite lingerie,

but ​giving up on Period week

The feeling of excitement when choosing a swimsuit that you only wear a few times a year, and the feeling of fulfillment when choosing your favorite lingerie.


If you can choose sanitary lingerie with the same happy and fun feeling as always,

An already depressing week might turn into something to look forward to.

I can finally wear this since it's my period!

Make the extraordinary into everyday life.

Bringing joy as always to women who are looking forward as always.

Sanitary lingerie that combines fashion and functionality was created with this in mind.

+1% for Kirei and Kawaii


CUDDLE カドル) は”肌触りが良く、着心地が良い” にこだわった K+1% ならではのウェアライン。 CUDDLEは ​ 時を経ても必ず手に取ってしまう、 ​ おもわずぎゅっと抱きしめたくなるような、 ​ あなたの毎日の生活に寄り添う水着・スイムウェア・レディスファッションを提案するブランド

CUDDLE is a clothing line unique to K+1% that is particular about ``good texture and comfort.''

Even if time passes, I will always pick it up.

It makes you want to hug it tightly.

We offer clothing that fits your daily life.


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