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K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) サニタリーショーツ・生理用ショーツ
K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) サニタリーショーツ・生理用ショーツ
K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) サニタリーショーツ・生理用ショーツ
K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) サニタリーショーツ・生理用ショーツ
K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) ブラジャー・ブラレット・ツイストブラ
K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) カシュクールブラ・女性用下着・ランジェリー


​Bra TWIST & Period Panty

The color and design will make your gloomy menstrual week +1% more fun!

sanitary shortsThe design of each color opening is different.

●K+1% We recommend that you keep your sensitive zone clean. Please use a napkin or liner before wearing. (These are not water-absorbing shorts)

● The crotch (sanitary fabric) is black so that dirt is not noticeable. The sanitary fabric is wide enough to fit a night napkin and extends to the waist of the shorts to prevent leakage while sleeping.

Design with the crotch position side open so that feathers can be woven into it

● Bra straps are removable from the front and back 

● Bralette type without pads or wires

● The twisted design prevents the top from being see-through and allows you to wear it with any outfit.

Bra TwistThe front and back sides are stretch velor fabric. The part that touches the skin is also made of velor fabric, so even sensitive skin during the menstrual period can wear it comfortably. In addition, the stretch velor fabric is very stretchy, so it will stretch and contract even when your breasts are tight during your menstrual period. Can also be comfortably worn as a nursing bra.

cachecoeur braIt has a pocket that can hold pads. The underside also comes with an adjustable adjuster. The wrap-around design firmly holds your breasts and lifts them up for a stable feel. Since it is padded, you can easily wear it on a daily basis regardless of your clothes. This is also very popular as a nursing bra.

Tangawas launched in response to requests from customers who wanted to wear a K+1% bra even during non-menstrual periods. A versatile butt tanga with an adjuster on the side strap that allows you to adjust the size. The fabric is gentle around the area and the design does not dig into it, making it extremely comfortable to wear. This is a simple tanga that is very popular among tanga beginners.

◎Sanitary shorts (Period Panty)

 ¥6,000~(w/o tax)

If your usual shorts size is S-M, please choose S, if your size is M-L, please choose M, and if your usual shorts size is L-LL, please choose size L.

  S m a l l  (Waist 65~75 Hip 70~85)

M e d i u m (waist 70~80 hip 75~90)

L a r g e (Waist 75~90 Hip85~100)

◎Bra (Bra TWIST)

 ¥8,000~ (w/o tax)

S (6mm thin strap)

Under 65~80 Cup AA65~C70

​ M (12mm wide strap) 

Under 65~80 Cup AA65~E70

L (12mm wide strap) 

Under 75~90 Cup D70~I90

◎Bra Cache-Coeur

Size SM 9,000 yen / Under 65~80cm

Cup A 65~D75(E65)

L 10,000 yen / Under 70~95cm

Cup E70~I90


 Size Free 4,500 yen~


90% polyester

 Polyurethane 10%

made in Japan

K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) カシュクールブラ・女性用下着・ランジェリー
K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) カシュクールブラ・女性用下着・ランジェリー

​Sustainable Collection


A sustainable collection that incorporates traditional Japanese colors based on the environmentally friendly natural material Tencel.

"Be kind to your skin, your everyday life, and your future." 

K+1% (ケープラスワンパーセント) 女性用下着・ランジェリー・サニタリーショーツ・サステナブル

Recently, as changes in the global environment are becoming more of an issue due to global warming and abnormal weather, sustainable lifestyles are attracting attention, and by incorporating them into daily necessities, food culture, and clothing, traditional consumption can be reduced. Society is being reconsidered.

The fashion industry has a high impact on environmental destruction, such as polluted water and greenhouse gases generated in the process of making clothes.  

Is it possible to not only reduce the consumption of clothing, but also to gradually improve the selection of materials in the first place?

With this in mind, various brands are working on sustainable fashion.


With small efforts and consideration, the future (Ashita) will gradually change into a pleasant day.

And someday, sustainability will change from something we strive for to something we take for granted.


K+1% wants us and our children to have a brighter and richer future.

With this in mind, we have added a new sustainable collection that uses 95% recycled fiber, Tencel.



TENCEL is not a synthetic fiber made from petroleum, but is manufactured through chemical processing.

The manufacturing process uses much less water, chemicals and energy than other fibers such as organic cotton

It is also a truly sustainable fiber that is strong and long-lasting.


Tencel, which is derived from plants, is highly absorbent and has the effect of suppressing the growth of bacteria, making it recommended for people with sensitive skin that tends to sweat easily.

And the number one feature is its texture.

It has melt-in-your-mouth softness and PU (polyurethane) content that makes it stretch well.

It's so smooth and comfortable that you won't be able to take it off once you put it on.  

K+1% sustainable collection is available in 4 colors.

These four colors have the names of ancient Japanese colors named after nature such as plants, flowers, and birds.

Enjoy every day while feeling the background of each one,

I want you to wear lingerie that makes you love your body as much as you love nature.



K+1% has been around since the brand's launch with the theme of "beautiful and cute +1%"

Always keep in mind the menstrual week when women's feelings and skin are sensitive,

We create lingerie that is made from soft materials and is gentle on the skin, allowing you to wear it as the closest underwear to your skin.

We have proposed colors, materials, and designs that will make you more fun and happy.


“K+1%” will continue to be

We will propose products that are gentle on the skin, gentle on the environment, and gentle on the future.


For your daily life, for your future,

Kirei is Kawaii, Kimochi yoi,

I want to be someone who adds 1% to “K”.



CUDDLE (カドル) 水着・スイムウェア・フィットネスウェア・女性用水着

CUDDLE is a wear line unique to K+1% that focuses on “good texture and comfort”.

like the item you definitely pick it up every year,

like you want to cuddle yourself tightly,

We propose clothes that are close to your daily life in any days.


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