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Velour Collection


~How it works for your Period~


K+1% is the Designed Period-Proof Lingerie that supports all the women to be happy and fun to choose your Lingeries as same as normal days even if it's heavy day.


Black, Mustard & Smoky Pink are our Basic Color and We release other colors as a seasonal color.


Panties are available in different 3 designs according to your choice of color.


The Special material (crotch) absorbs your period. but this thin crotch is for light days to moderate days. so, we prefer to use tampon, cup, or pads when it's heavy days for keeping your woman's part clean and not to get damp.

and It's made in black mostly(Depends on Color).

so you won’t have to worry about stains, and has openings on both sides so you can slide the wings in.

The back is double layered up to the waist to prevent leaks for your long day and during sleeping.

Of course Washable, Reusable!


Bra straps are removable (wearable in two~three different styles)

No pad or wire, bralette type

The twisted design helps cover your top, making it a perfect fit for any type of top.



3 colors available

Black/ Smoky Pink/ Mustard


Shorts \4,500 (w/o tax)

Small (Waist 65~75cm Hip 70~85cm

Medium (Waist 70~80cm Hip 80~95cm

Large Waist 75~90cm Hip85~100cm



Small/ 5,500 yen (w/o tax)

 Under 65~80cm

 Cup AA65~C70


Medium (Wide Strap)/ 5,800 yen(w/o tax)

 Under 65~80cm

 CupC70~E75 (available to wear from A65)


Large (Wide Strap)/ 6,000yen (w/o tax)

 Underbust 70~90cm

 Cup E70~I90

Bra Cache-Coeur

Color: Black, Smoky Pink, Mustard, Black/Ivory, Mustard/Purple

Adjustable strap for the under bust and Available to put the bra pad inside the cup.

Good for the daily and also for the maternity bra

SM/ 7 ,000yen (w/o tax)

  Under bust 65~80cm,

  Cup A65~E65(D80, E70)

L/ 7,500yen (w/o tax)

  Under bust 70~90cm

  Cup E70~I90

Thong for Daily (not for period)

Color: Black, Smoky Pink, Mustard, Black/Ivory, Mustard/Purple

Adjustable Side double straps

Size FREE 3,500yen~




Polyester 90%

Polyurethane 10%


Made in Japan


​Sustainable Collection


a sustainable collection featuring Japanese traditional colors

Available in four colors: "Hiwa", "Hisoku", "Nadeshiko" and "Kurumi"


”TENCEL is soft on your skin and gentle to the environment, contributing to a healthy future.” 


In recent years, as global warming and abnormal weather conditions have raised concerns about changes in the global environment, attention has been focused on sustainable lifestyles. Our past consumer society is now being reconsidered, and a sustainable lifestyle is being incorporated into our daily necessities, food and clothing.


Our continuous effort and consideration will gradually change our future.  

And one day, sustainability will change from being something we need to be mindful about, to becoming a natural part of our lives.


K+1% strives for a rich and bright future for ourselves and our children.

With that philosphy at our core, we are pleased to announce our new sustainable collection using TENCEL, a regenerated fiber made from eucalyptus resin.


K+1% was launched in 2018 to help make the unpleasant times of a woman's period more enjoyable, with the theme "+1% to Kirei (beautiful) and Kawaii (cute)".

Our main product is our period panty, made to help for times when your skin is particularly sensitive.

The smooth and soft touch of TENCEL will embrace us in our time of need.

TENCEL absorbs moisture, prevents dampness,

and the light texture prevents the growth of bacteria, making it the perfect material for spring and summer lingerie.


Our new sustainable collection from K+1% is gentle to both our skin and the environment,  connecting our present to a better tomorrow.


Until now, our perception of organic and eco-friendly clothing seemed to lack variation in colors, and products seemed to center around colors such as beige and grey.


K+1% is proud to present our sustainable collection in four colors.

These four colors are named after traditional Japanese elements representing nature such as plants, flowers and birds.

Embrace the cultural background of eah color and what it represents, to spend each day with a positive mindset.

We should love what we wear as we love nature, so that we can love ourselves and our future.

That is the kind of lingerie we strive to create for you to wear.


For your everyday, and for your future,

Kirei(beautiful), Kawaii (cute) and Kimochi yoi (pleasant)

We strive to be a presence that adds +1% to your "K"





CUDDLE means "to hug tightly" or "to cuddle".

CUDDLE is a wear line unique to K+1% that focuses on “good texture and comfort”.

I will definitely pick it up over time,

I want to hug you tightly,

We propose clothes that are close to your daily life.


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