2021 S / S new sustainable collection.

An environmentally friendly and sustainable collection that uses 95% of Tencel, a recycled fiber made from plant-derived materials by a production method that has a low environmental impact.

Proven to be twice as soft as cotton, Tencel is soft enough to stick to this chewy skin, yet has a smooth feel.  This is unique to Tencel, which is highly breathable and hygroscopic and has a thermoregulatory function.

In addition, its hygroscopicity also has the effect of suppressing the growth of bacteria, making it perfect for the coming sweaty season.

K + 1% is fun and happy every day, and if our favorite lingerie is actually environmentally and naturally friendly, I think that you can wear it more comfortably and carefully.

Let's love our bodies and what we wear with the feeling of loving nature.

I hope that will lead to our next generation and a pleasant future.

It is a collection made with such thoughts.

And the four colors this time are taken from the names of traditional Japanese colors named after such nature.  We hope that you will enjoy the meaning of the colors as well.


A color name associated with the color of the feathers of a Hiwa bird.  It gives the impression that the singing bird is wrapped in soft light.  It is a bright color with the elegance and gorgeousness of traditional Japanese colors that can be incorporated into Japanese Kimono



It is a pale pink color like a dianthus flower.

It has the taste of pretty wild flowers and is synonymous with Japanese women even today.

The dianthus color, which combines gentleness and gorgeousness, is full of charm unique to women with a sense of elegance.


HISOKU (secret color)

The secret color is a blue-green color with a unique tinge due to the iron contained in the celadon glaze of the pottery.  Named for its mysterious beauty, it is said to be a color that reveals the hidden beauty and fascinating aspects of women.



It is a color dyed using walnut tree bark, exodermis, root bark, etc.  The walnut color that began dyeing in the Nara period and appears in the story of Pillow Soshi and Genji.

In fact, Feng Shui is said to have the effect of increasing romance.

The crotch uses black so that dirt is not noticeable.  It is a large size up to the waist and is compatible with napkins with wings.



SMALL waist 65cm-75cm Hip 70cm~85cm

MEDIUM waist 70cm-80cm Hip 75cm~90cm

LARGE waist 75 cm to 90 cm Hip 80cm~100cm


Period Panty/ Sustinable

PriceFrom ¥6,000
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