Holiday Luxe Collection ~ Pearl ~ K + 1% The first Holiday Collection is a wearable accessory collection that lets you look at accessories.

The best combination of jet black, soft ivory pearl and gold that brings out the beauty of women in a simple and gorgeous way.

The stone words of Pearl are Wisdom, Purity, Loyalty, Perfection, and Moon Symbol. Wearing pearls, the symbol of the moon that shines in your precious days, makes you more luxurious and sexy, and of course, usually healthy and simple.

I want the woman who wears the stone word of pearl to shine more beautifully.

For your special outfit that enjoys being a woman.

The first Triangle Bra Triangle.

The fabric is a super soft tulle with flocky dots, which is also used for the frills of sustainable frills teddy, even if the skin does not itch.

Pearl chain is sold separately. Heart fittings are attached to the front and back of the brassiere so that it can be replaced.

The chain can be attached to the heart metal fittings on the front and through the heart metal fittings on the back, and can be connected with an appropriate adjustment part according to the customer's size.

You can enjoy coordination by showing the pearl straps, such as knits with open backs and clothes with open shoulders.

By combining the chains, you can wear them as accessories such as chokers, necklaces, bracelets, and mask holders.

Also, it goes great with sustainable frilled teddy, so please try it ♡

◎ Bra Triangle

Under bust

● S / M (6mm strap) 60cm-80cm (Strap replacement heart metal fittings small)

● L (12mm strap) 65cm-85cm (Strap replacement heart metal fittings size)

Corresponding cup

● S / M AA65 ~ D70

● L C70 ~ G80

If you are worried about the top, please purchase the separately sold nipless together.


Body fabric 100% polyester

Dot part Nylon 50% Rayon 50%

made in Japan


We recommend hand-washing as a single item using a neutral detergent. Please avoid using a washing machine and a tumbler (rotary dryer). Please avoid mixing with other laundry as the color may fade during washing. Some shrinkage may occur due to washing. We recommend drying the room.

Bra Triangle

PriceFrom ¥9,000
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