P r o d u c t s

K+1% is the Designed Period-Proof Lingerie that supports all the women to be happy and fun to choose your Lingeries as same as normal days even if it's heavy day.


Black, Mustard & Smoky Pink are our Basic Color Collection.

Limited Colors which is like Royal Blue are not available to buy after it sold out. and we don't make same color combination anymore.

Panties are available in different 3 designs according to your choice of color.

The Special material (crotch) absorbs your period. but this thin crotch is for light days to moderate days. so, we prefer to use tampon, cup, or pads when it's heavy days for keeping your woman's part clean and not to get damp.

and It's made in black mostly(Depends on Color).

so you won’t have to worry about stains, and has openings on both sides so you can slide the wings in.

The back is double layered up to the waist to prevent leaks for your long day and during sleeping.

Of course Washable, Reusable!


Bra straps are removable (wearable in two~three different styles)

No pad or wire, bralette type

The twisted design helps cover your top, making it a perfect fit for any type of top.


Shorts \3,500 (tax not incl.)

Small (Waist 65~75cm)

Medium (Waist 70~80cm)



Small/ 4,500 yen (tax not incl.)

 Under 65~80cm

 Cup AA65~C70


Medium (Wide Strap)/ 5,000 yen

 Under 65~80cm

 CupC70~E75 (available to wear from A65)



Polyester 90%

Polyurethane 10%


Made in Japan

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